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When asked what Park Lane Property Group has to offer Investors, I answer, to offer the Experience and Expertise to make more money from your Investment, and to analyse Prospects in a way that highlights how to do so.

The objective of Investing in Property, as an Asset Class, like any Investment, is to make money, but specifically, to get the best return possible from the money Invested. With Property, the objective is to create as much Equity as possible, for the least amount invested, from either your Net Funds, combined with borrowed funds. There is 2 ways you create Equity. Either the Value of the Property goes up, or the Debt goes down. The decision on what to buy and the fundamentals that underpin the Properties performance, such as Capital Growth, Rental and the Strength of the Market, determine the likely increase in Value over time. This you have minimal control over! The other is the reduction of the debt. This is something you can control more readily and is more a function of each person’s money management, loan selection rental return, Property Ownership costs etc. This can vary for everybody, even on the same property, depending on your particular Financial circumstance.

In a nutshell, the Highest Growth for the lowest possible Cost will pay the loan off faster! That will maximize your Equity. Many Investors then borrow against this to purchase more Properties and go on to build a Portfolio. It’s in these areas we can be of most help when making these decisions. Like all big decisions, however, we begin with the creation of a Plan. With your help we create the ideal Plan that is realistic and achieves your Goals. With that plan, we go out into the Market to find the Property that achieves the needs of the Plan and meets its Financial objectives. It’s in this search we can then be more specific about Property Selection. If making Money is the goal, then focusing on the major factors that achieve this, is the primary focus. Often it may require thinking outside of the box, possibly in another Capital City. In this respect we don't place any limitations on the services we can provide for options that suit.

We look forward to sitting down with prospective Investors to discuss the creation of a Tailored plan that leads to the purchase of an Investment Property, or a Portfolio over time, that achieves their Investment goals.

- Craig Gartlacher | Principal & Investment Specialist

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