Park Lane Property Group

Introducing Park Lane Property Group

My Wife Sue and I have lived in the Hills district all of our Adult Lives. We have grown up in the area, and I, in particular, represent the 3rd generation of proud Real Estate Professionals. We intrinsically know what makes the local area tick, and strive to know what Buyers and Sellers want, in the local Market.
The Market in the Hills district is diverse, and has been one of the most active, in the Sydney Metropolitan area, over the last 20 years. There has been significant Investment in local infrastructure and substantial development, in many of the Areas we service, that has played a key role in meeting Sydney’s ever-growing Housing demand. Many of the areas Park Lane Property Group services, are some of Sydney’s most Prestigious Rural areas, and as such we are perfectly placed to represent our Sellers and work with our Buyers, so all sides of a Property Purchase are Happy.
Service. This is a reality that is increasingly hard to come by, particularly in the Prestige Rural Markets, such as Dural, Kenthurst, Annangrove & Glenorie etc. This is the primary vision for Park Lane Property Group. We believe all Property Sales deserve a degree of service that does justice to the Pride our Sellers have in their Properties and achieve the best Sale Price.
Service can be as simple as returning a phone call promptly, or providing accurate current information promptly and professionally. It also means providing thorough and accurate feedback to our Vendors, to ensure they are up to date with the progress of their Marketing Campaign so correct decisions can be made regarding the Sale of their Home.
The numbers regarding the Sale of Property in Sydney have become increasingly large in recent years and when negotiating on the Sale of your Property, significant amounts can seem relatively small, but all of us at Park Lane Property Group, will fight for every Dollar you are entitled to, as if it was our own, to ensure you have no regrets, and can move on to your next purchase with a smile on your face.
We look forward to working with you to make the whole process less daunting and much more rewarding.
- Craig Gartlacher | Principal