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Be prepared for your Spring Sale

The warm Spring breeze in the air makes us feel a little more motivated to get out of the house and look at property. Like most of us we put off the big clean up throughout winter and wait for the warmer weather to tick off the ‘’To Do List’’.
If you’re planning on listing your home this Spring, make sure your prepared, Spring tends to bring an influx of homes on to the property market so you’ll need to be ready to make your home sparkle and stand out from the crowd.

It’s the little things that seriously count here, these are my Top tips to be Spring ready to Sell.

· Take a walk around your house with a note pad & paper, write down all the things that you think need attention in your home, make sure you don’t buy pass the little things you’ve be putting off for years. A list helps prioritise what gets done first.

· The front Entry – This is a buyer’s first impression of your property make sure it’s free of clutter and presents as welcoming. – Dirty shoes & boots at the front door is not appealing as a 1st impression. I always recommend buying a new front door matt.

· Clutter - That big old bag of clothes in the corner you’ve been meaning to take to the charity store, along with that stack of old books you’ve been meaning to give away, now’s the time to add them to the list of things to do. Too much furniture & extra clutter in a room can make it look small, declutter furniture where ever possible, remember it can go back later, just not now while your selling.

· Painting - Look up - Look at the cornices on the ceiling, do they need painting? Are the walls looking tired? Has it been more than seven years since you’ve painted? If so get them done. A fresh coat of paint is such a good idea if your home needs it, generally buyers look upon a freshly painted house as a positive. – A neutral colour is always best, avoid strong block colour when trying to sell.

· Windows & Screens – Hire a professional and have them done, it makes a huge difference to the overall impression & cleanliness of the house.

· The Oven & Hot plate – This is a big must, it’s something we put off doing and can sometimes seem too over whelming to tackle, but a buyer will look at the kitchen appliances, if there’s months of baked on Roast dinner’s it time to call in the professionals, the last thing a buyer wants to do is purchase a new oven or spend months on cleaning it.

· Pressure Wash pavers & concreate areas – Make these areas look new again with pressure water washing – You can hire a professional to do this for you.

· Gutters & Downpipes – Growing your spring bulbs from the gutters is not a good impression, make sure there free of leaves and soil. Over flowing drains on open home days doesn’t set the best impression.

· Fresh Flowers – It’s always lovely to have fresh flowers in the house for open homes & inspection, it’s a nice treat for you as well, I nice spring bouquet of colour presents well.

· Safely Away - Remove personal items from bedside tables, small valuable items should be tucked away and out of sight. I like to have fridge magnets & photos removed from the refrigerator & Freezer.

You need to think like a buyer would coming through your home for the 1st time, buyers look at the little thing we might not see. Buyers will open the pantry to check the size, they will open that junk cupboard you stuffed the footie shirts in just before the open home, so be prepared to do the little things that make a huge difference, you want a buyer to leave your home thinking it was well presented, not that there’s heaps of work to be done.